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my older brother used this accunt, and now he let me use it. so get used to me1 beaver-beaver is my frend and you mes with me you get him to make fun of you!

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So, Saturday, I got a ride from work, and the co-worker that usually gives me rides says, hey wanna get high? I've been smoking weed pretty lightly recently, and figured sure, why the hell not, I could do with a buzz, and then sleep in tommorow. Well, he takes me to his friends place, and comes down with a huge ass bong, and I have never took a hit from a bong before, only pieces, so I figured, hell why not it should be the same right? Wrong.

He filled it, and I hit that shit hard, I then started to feel like I was standing in the ocean, and the water was pushing me side to side, no cold or anything like that mind you, just the sensation of something rocking me back and forth, slowly pushing me harder and harder. I then blacked out pretty fierce, remember my throat was burning, and being asked if I needed a drink, I was like yeah... I guess, and I drank down a glass of water, I then sat there listening to him tell me about some stupid shit like, showing me pictures of this huge ass joint he rolled, and that his friend smoked in one sitting so I was sitting there trying to make idle conversation, and then he was like... dude you ok? you need to go home? I said yeah, definently, and on the car ride back, everything in my periphial vision was moving faster then what was dead ahead of me.

I remember mumbling some stupid shit about god, and parasites in my body, or some shit like that, and then I kept trying to give him a hand job. He kept pushing me away, and saying dude... Stop that shit, but I guess I was so far gone, that I started to babble about how it's ok I'm straight, but I kept trying. In my head, I came to the conclusion, that I had always been like this, and my life was one long strain of un-concious thoughts, and I kept trying to do worse and worse things, to shock my mind back into reality, I even at some point contemplated opening the door and tumbling out. But somewhere deep in my head a voice kept saying, no, thats a stupid idea your gonna get yourself killed.

well, I got home, and he sped off, probably tweaking out just as much as I am, and freaking out that I kept trying to give him a hand job. I started to roam around the outside of the house, mumbling to myself, all the shit I used to say as a kid, stuff like, gonna get 'stricted, and all these weird OCD mantras I used to chant to myself to make the void stop. (It's what I dub it now) I then remember punching a fence because the pain felt good, it felt good to feel something at all (another thing I remember doing from my youth, as well as biting the webbing between my pointer finger and my thumb.) I roamed my way into the house, and puked in the toilet, after arguing with my roommate over weather or not I was falling asleep on the couch (coupled with him threatening to stick my hand in water while I slept) I passed out on the bathroom floor, he woke me up a few moments later, and I woke up again in my room.

I spent all of sunday trying to piece together what happened (at work to mind you) And had a short conversation with my room mate where I determined what actually happened once I got there (apparently, I made it into the house first, and then went back outside to "find" my bag ((Which was in my room)) and that was when I punched a fence...) I also remembered (After talking to him.) standing on the curb, watching a car come down the street, and planning to jump out in front of it, but that little voice once again said ( Imagine the voice of the conceunce in block head) Don't do that... It's stupid.

The reason for this fucked up night? THC Is a mild Hallucinagenic which can have large effects on someone who has either had seizures, experiences seizures, or is at risk for them, and also large effects on someone who has never smoked enough to build an immunity.

TL;DR Fucked up night, Quit weed.

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